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Edward Johns

Edward Johns

At The Robot Learning Lab, we are developing advanced robots that are empowered by artificial intelligence, for assisting us all in everyday environments. Our research lies at the intersection of robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, and we are primarily studying robot manipulation: How can robots can learn to physically interact with objects using their arms and hands? In particular, we are exploring vision-based imitation learning and reinforcement learning, all within the context of real-world robotics. Applications include domestic robots (e.g. tidying the home), manufacturing robots (e.g. assembling products in a factory), and warehouse robots (e.g. picking and placing from/into storage). The lab is led by Dr Edward Johns in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. Welcome!

When we first started playing around with DALL-E over the 2022 summer, we realised that this could be intriguing for robotics... And here's the result! DALL-E-Bot: Introducing Web-Scale Diffusion Models to Robotics.

We have two papers accepted at CoRL 2022!

In our first paper (oral), we study how to use a NeRF-style representation to propagate physical properties of objects: Real-time Mapping of Physical Scene Properties with an Autonomous Robot Experimenter.

In our second paper, we introduce a method to execute simple skills (e.g. grasping and placing) in complex environments, whilst avoiding collisions with obstacles: Where To Start? Transferring Simple Skills to Complex Environments.

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